MHAW17 Surviving or Thriving

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, with the theme Surviving or Thriving, which is something which really resonates with me at the moment. My mental and physical health are so so connected, if I'm feeling physically low, I'm usually feeling mentally low, and very very anxious. I worry about everything when I'm ill.... Continue Reading →

A day in the life with PoTS

5am- Wake up 6am-  Wake up again 7am- Wake up, abandon trying to sleep. Write letters to penpals to pass time. 8am- Get up and dressed, tidy room. Eat ready-made breakfast, today was my favourite overnight porridge 9am- Chat with friend, plan a holiday we want to book and discuss dissertations 10am- Visit post room to collect parcel. Have... Continue Reading →

April Favourites

Hi all! This month has been a bit chaotic with uni and lectures and such, so I don't have quite as many favourites, but there's still a few things worth talking about. First off, with a more certain diagnosis of PoTS, I decided to buy myself one of these explanation cards from Stickman Communications, along... Continue Reading →

Studying as a Spoonie

I've seen a few of these recently but I thought I'd add my thoughts for how best to manage a degree with a chronic illness! Ask for help- speak to anyone who might be able to help, your lecturers, flatmates, supervisor, disability services, accommodation services. The more people know, the more likely you are to get... Continue Reading →

Am I being dramatic?

Am I just being over-dramatic? What if I am just lazy? What if I do just need to drink a bit more? What if I'm just being too sensitive? I know deep-down I'm not, there is something wrong and I deserve some help. But when people tell me I need to just take some medication,... Continue Reading →

How I’ve changed

A few weeks ago I had to face my ex-boyfriend. We broke up almost 2 years ago, after a very difficult relationship, and like most people, I was dreading seeing him. Even more so, because I feel like I've lost so much in the last 2 years. I'm not the person I was. I spend... Continue Reading →

The portrayal of disability

The picture above shows the results when I searched disabled in Google Images. With the exception of one, every picture shows a wheelchair user. In fairness, a few of the pictures show the wheelchair user looking happy, but in general, disability is perceived as a negative thing, and purely as people using wheelchairs. If you... Continue Reading →

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