Travel times: Disneyland Paris

Last week I was lucky enough to spend an amazing 3 days at Disneyland Paris. We stayed in Disney's Sequoia Lodge, which was a 10 minute walk from the parks. The hotel was really sweet, it had Bambi themed decorations, and a lovely outdoor pool. I'm not a big rollercoaster person (fainting+spinning around=not good) but... Continue Reading →

May Favourites

First off this month, I FINISHED MY DEGREE. Finished. Completely. That is my favourite thing from May. I do also have some things I've been loving that other people can experience though, don't worry! I've really got into podcasts this month while I've been making the most of my new found free time, specifically Spoonie... Continue Reading →

April Favourites

Hi all! This month has been a bit chaotic with uni and lectures and such, so I don't have quite as many favourites, but there's still a few things worth talking about. First off, with a more certain diagnosis of PoTS, I decided to buy myself one of these explanation cards from Stickman Communications, along... Continue Reading →

March Favourites

Happy April Fools Day! Today is quite possibly my least favourite day of the year, I am so gullible I end up spending all morning in bed hiding. But in happier news, here's what I've been loving in the last month! I'm cheating slightly here, because I've already blogged about my first favourite, this mug... Continue Reading →

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