Hospital Testing Part 1

Last week I had the first set of testing suggested by my consultant, and I wanted to document it, mainly because I had no idea what to expect for either of the tests, and I want to reassure anyone who may be reading. I am absolutely not a medical expert, these are just my experiences.  ... Continue Reading →

A day in the life with PoTS

5am- Wake up 6am-  Wake up again 7am- Wake up, abandon trying to sleep. Write letters to penpals to pass time. 8am- Get up and dressed, tidy room. Eat ready-made breakfast, today was my favourite overnight porridge 9am- Chat with friend, plan a holiday we want to book and discuss dissertations 10am- Visit post room to collect parcel. Have... Continue Reading →

Studying as a Spoonie

I've seen a few of these recently but I thought I'd add my thoughts for how best to manage a degree with a chronic illness! Ask for help- speak to anyone who might be able to help, your lecturers, flatmates, supervisor, disability services, accommodation services. The more people know, the more likely you are to get... Continue Reading →

The portrayal of disability

The picture above shows the results when I searched disabled in Google Images. With the exception of one, every picture shows a wheelchair user. In fairness, a few of the pictures show the wheelchair user looking happy, but in general, disability is perceived as a negative thing, and purely as people using wheelchairs. If you... Continue Reading →

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