Life update- June ’17

All the way back in February, I wrote this post about looking for work, so I thought it would be good to see where I’m at 4 months on.

With a lot of support from the Young Women’s Trust (read more here) I managed to sit down and examine my priorities. For me, at the moment, they are that I stay close to home and learn to manage my health, rather than anything related to getting a job.

And so, quite simply, I’m not. Instead, I’ve decided to continue studying with an MSc in Psychology, which I’m really excited about. I’m moving to the other university in York, mainly because it’s smaller and known for having better student support, so I’m really excited.

The last few months of my degree have shown me that I actually really like studying, especially now we do a lot more independent work and get to study things we’re passionate about.

There are still a lot of hurdles, mainly financial. As much as I want to work alongside studying, I don’t know if my energy levels will cope with the increased workload and a job, so I’m going to see how that goes. I also need to find somewhere to live, preferably that’s cheap and near uni, which isn’t going too well so far. My new uni are already living up to their reputation of good student support though, I have more advice than I could ask for which is incredible, so I’m really excited and hopeful that everything will fall into place by September.


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