Travel times: Edinburgh

Last week I spent a lovely 3 days in Edinburgh in celebration of finishing my degree, so I thought I would share a bit of what I got up to. We managed to find a really cheap hotel room right opposite Waverley station, and with views of the castle, which was a great base to explore from and right in the centre.

Seeing as walking is difficult for me, we invested in a 48 hour bus tour ticket, which meant we got to see all the main sites, without having to move a muscle. On Day 1 we visited the Scottish Parliament and the Palace of Holyrood, and looked up at Arthur’s Seat (but most definitely did not walk up!), and on Day 3 we visited the Royal Britannia Boat, the castle, and had a wander round the city. Pictures below!

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All of our 2nd day was spent at Edinburgh Zoo, which was an incredible day out. Special highlights were seeing the giant panda, and watching the Penguin Parade.

Spoonie-wise, Edinburgh is a very difficult city. Absolutely everything is up a hill, and the zoo was especially difficult. I was considering taking my wheelchair, but everyone I spoke to told me it was a bad idea, and I’m very glad I listened. As painful as walking was, there is no way we would have got the chair to a lot of the places we visited. Getting the bus tour tickets really helped though, it took the pressure off having to walk, and meant we had the freedom to do what we liked without having to plan too much.

Overall, Edinburgh is a lovely city, it’s so pretty. I’m not sure if I’d go back soon, mainly because I think we discovered a lot of what there was to see in our 3 days, but I’d love to visit again during the Fringe Festival or at Christmas!

Have you ever visited Edinburgh?


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  1. I love Edinburgh, I used to work there but have visited since I became a spoonie, so guess it would be quite different for me now xx

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