Why I do not care about Stephen Hawking

In a low moment a few weeks ago, I asked an online advice service for support. I was feeling frustrated that I am likely too ill for all the jobs I want to do, and that I just want to be able to live my life without having to think of the consequences for my health.

I received 3 separate anonymous responses (the service sends your question out for random people to respond to). All 3 told me that Stephen Hawking has achieved loads in his life. 2 phrased it in a way that I was being melodramatic because if he has achieved so much then why can’t I, the third was at least more supportive.

Now the guy is great. He achieves loads and I’m not denying that. I can only imagine how much he’s had to overcome to do what he has.

I also realise that asking for advice from random people always has it’s downsides. Chances are, the people who responded know very little about disability and thought they were being really helpful, but at the time the majority of my personal support network was busy etc.

Stephen Hawking has nothing to do with me.

I do not care how much he has achieved.

I know I can achieve. I’m frustrated at how much work goes into it.

His condition has nothing to do with mine. His field of work doesn’t either.

The fact that he has achieved things does nothing to comfort me. Good for him.

It makes me feel so belittled. Well if he can do it and get so famous despite his condition, then what are you moaning about. You don’t want to be famous, you just want a job, get on with it.

I don’t really know what I was hoping for from the advice request. I’m hoping my friends will having something more to say later.

Do you find thinking about people who have achieved things despite adversity helpful or not? Let me know.



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