April Favourites

Hi all!

This month has been a bit chaotic with uni and lectures and such, so I don’t have quite as many favourites, but there’s still a few things worth talking about.

First off, with a more certain diagnosis of PoTS, I decided to buy myself one of these explanation cards from Stickman Communications, along with a “my disability is not always visible” badge. I’m going to be travelling a lot in the next few months, as well as having interviews for jobs and uni, and the card will be great for when I don’t know how/don’t have the spoons to explain PoTS.

Next up is the fabulous Kitten Academy (and their wonderful kitten livestream). As anyone who speaks to me/follows me on Twitter will know, I love these guys. Most of this month has been spent either essay writing, or lying in bed recovering from essay writing, and the kittens are great entertainment. I only wish they were in England so I can go steal them!

My last of this month’s mini-favourites is the Perky Peacock cafe, on Lendal Bridge in York. It’s been recommended to me hundreds of times whilst I’ve been living here, but it took me until last week to actually visit, and I wish I’d gone sooner. I had the most amazing hot chocolate I’ve ever had (with marshmallows of course), a sausage and apple sandwich, and took a piece of caramel shortbread to snack on later. It’s on the expensive side for a student budget, but the hot chocolate alone is more than worth it!

What’ve you been loving this month?


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