Artemis&Xena Box-April

This was my second month of the Artemis & Xena box (read about March’s box here), and I have to say I was really impressed with this one. The theme for this box was Hello Spring! which was really well timed for the lovely weather we’ve been having.

A lot of the products this month came from the brand Simply Argan, and there was also a photo_2017-04-10_13-19-11gift voucher for their website enclosed. This is the argan night oil, which smells absolutely amazing, and I’ve almost finished the night oil I have been using so this is perfect timing! There’s also a tester sachet of argan oil, which it says to use on face and body, or in a bath, and a sachet of “arbre d’or” eau de parfum, which I can’t wait to try.


Along a similar line is the Revive Atmosphere Mist, made by Cooper’s Apothecary. It says it contains a mix of essential oils designed to revive and invigorate the senses, and can be used as a room spray. Coincidentally, I’ve also almost finished the reed diffuser I’ve had in my room, so I’ll be testing this out soon, although from a quick spray, it smells very lemony!

Like the last box, there were lots of little bits and bobs, like this quote card and these tea bags, as well as chocolate and a mindfulness instruction card.

photo_2017-04-10_13-18-52Possibly my favourite thing in the box is this gorgeous hair tie. I’ve just had my hair cut and I’ve been struggling to know what to do with it, but this is such a lovely colour and perfect for spring and summer, so I’ll definitely be giving it a go.


Last but not least is the Bright and Cheerful Stationery set, which is just so cute! Inside are 5 note cards and envelopes, with inspirational sayings, post-it notes for to-do lists, page markers and general notes, and a notebook. At the moment I’m all notebook-ed out, but when I start a new job and/or degree (that’s a whole other post) in a few months this will be great for getting me organised!


Overall, I like this box more than last months. Other than the tea (I never will be a tea-drinker!), I’ll use everything in this box, and most of it is so perfectly timed with things I’m running out of it’s almost a little weird!

What subscription boxes do you like?


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