What you don’t see

You don’t see

  • how much pain I’m in when I stand up
  • the way the room swims whenever I move
  • how sometimes I can’t even find the energy to sit up
  • that I’m scared of the future
  • that I’m scared people will think I’m too much effort and leave
  • how my heart races whatever I do
  • the fight I have to cling onto consciousness
  • how when I’m tired I feel so disconnected from the world
  • the worry of having to explain to new people that I’m ill
  • the fear that doctors won’t believe me
  • the effort it takes to do normal tasks, to shower or cook
  • how my mind races when I have to do something new
  • that when I’m exhausted I can barely walk
  • that even the shortest tasks leave me out of breath
  • that on the low days I can’t imagine ever not feeling like this


This was inspired by a campaign by Blurt which you can see here around what you don’t see in mental illness. Please add your own #whatyoudontsee in the comments.


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