Planning life with a chronic illness

This post has been inspired by a #SpoonieSpeak chat about how to set goals when living with a chronic illness (you can learn about #SpoonieSpeak here).

Planning life is difficult enough at the best of times, but living with a variable illness can make it even more challenging. Whilst everyone will find something different which works for them, I thought I’d share what I do in the hope that it could help someone.

First off, everything goes into my Google calendar, my lectures get auto-synced and everything else I can add as I go, especially things like holidays or medical appointments which are in a few months.

Then, at the start of each week I transfer everything across to my whiteboard (which you can find here, although I’ve decorated mine a little!), so I can see it easily. I find this easier than a paper diary or calendar because it means I can change things a lot easier, and also because I can see it all the time rather than having to remember to look in a diary.

Everything that goes onto the whiteboard is colour coded.

Black is things I have to do, such as doctors appointments and interviews. Red are things I should do, which includes things like lectures, food shopping and holidays. Finally, blue are things I can do, for example visiting friends or going on day trips.

Planning things like this allows me to prioritise my life, so on days where I am low on energy I can easily tell which tasks I need to tackle first, and which can be ignored or rearranged for a better day.

How do you plan your life, with or without chronic illness?




  1. I’m so pleased that #SpoonieSpeak inspired you to write this post! Thank you, you’ve made my day. Planning is so important for us and it’s great to see what works for you. Most of my planning goes on in my bullet journal. I like it better than a diary. Hubby and I have a whiteboard that we use for dinners and his work schedule. I can never remember when he’s going to be home, so having it written down on the board in the kitchen is really helpful. Everything I need hubby to know goes in our shared Google calendar. This way the duo he plays in won’t book a gig and hubby will make sure he’s free. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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