March Favourites

Happy April Fools Day! Today is quite possibly my least favourite day of the year, I am so gullible I end up spending all morning in bed hiding. But in happier news, here’s what I’ve been loving in the last month!

photo_2017-03-16_11-52-14I’m cheating slightly here, because I’ve already blogged about my first favourite, this mug from my Distraction Box*. Go check out my blog post here, and a reminder that you can get 10% off your own Distraction Box using the code POTS10.

Next up is a book, The ABCs of LGBT+ by Ash Hardell (find her on YouTube here, her videos are great too!). I’ve always considered myself relatively knowledgeable about LGBT+ stuff, but this book taught me SO much. I love how so many different people explain what gender and sexuality mean to them, it really gets across that even if you know what a certain term or label means, it means something different to each person and everyone interprets it differently.

I think the most important message is it doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what a particular term means, noone is expecting you to be a walking dictionary, as long as you’re respectful and polite when discussing these topics.

My third favourite is The Mighty. Not only is the site itself an amazing resource for anything related to mental health and chronic illness, but this month I’ve had three of my posts published, the links are here if you want to check them out!

Last week me and the best friend had a lovely trip to London for her birthday. Whilst the entire trip was amazing, my birthday present to her was Champagne afternoon tea at the photo_2017-03-23_00-12-185* Bentley Hotel. There are no words to describe how incredible the whole experience was. Neither of us had ever experienced anything like this before, from the surroundings to the food and the service. We spent almost 3 hours just relaxing with food, a lovely birthday cake presented by the staff, and even a glass of Champagne as a gift from the lady at the next table. Not something we would do every week, but absolutely incredible!


Last up is this lovely dress from I absolutely adore the pattern, and even though it’s a bit summery for March, I wore it with a jumper over and it looked great, so I’ll definitely be getting lots of use out of it!

Do you love or loathe April Fools Day? What have you been loving in March?

Disclaimer: Products marked with * were sent to me at a discounted price for a review, and I will receive a reward for any orders placed using the discount code. All opinions are my honest opinions.


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