Reverse Bucket List

So I was reading someone’s blog a few weeks back (although I can’t remember for the life of me whose, speak up if you know!) and they mentioned the idea of a reverse bucket list. The point is, that while a bucket list is great and gives you all these amazing things to aspire to, it can mean you lose sight of all the amazing things you’ve already achieved. Also, I’m 21, I don’t know what things I want to do with my life, I barely know what I want to do tomorrow! So here is my reverse bucket list, which I will hopefully keep updated!

  • Visit New York. I was lucky enough to visit NYC with school in 2013, and I’m going back again this summer!
  • Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. I am a MASSIVE Potter fan, so watching all the films in one go was an absolute must, I’ve also read all the books in a week!
  • See lots of West End Musicals. This one is ongoing, but I’m ticking them off as I go (List as it stands: The Lion King x2, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing, We Will Rock You, Les Miserables, Cats x3!, Starlight Express, Billy Elliot x2, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Oliver x2)
  • Pass my Grade 8 Ballet Exam!
  • Go to Parliament
  • Graduate!

What’s on your bucket list? Or what have you already achieved?



  1. My husband and I are both huge Harry Potter fans. Have all the books and movies. We fight over who gets to reread them each time one of us gets on a Harry Potter kick!

    Our favorite musicals we have attended include Cats and Phantom of the Opera. The best Phantom show I ever attended was in St. Louis, MO. He did not go with me (we hadn’t met yet). The one we both went together for was while we were living in the Denver Colorado metro area. The acting was not as good that time, unfortunately.


    • I’m currently halfway through another Potter film marathon, Goblet of Fire time!
      I’ve never seen Phantom, would you recommend?


      • If you like historical old theaters with chandeliers in the entry way and a big love story entwined throughout, either rent a DVD (not as good as attending the real thing) or try to get tickets to see a live production of it. Was written by Andrew Ll!oyd Webber. Hope the lead character of the production you see is a good tenor!


  2. Well, I do have a small list of things I hope to do: go back to NY and do a theatre experience where I see more than one show, see Les Mis in Spanish, go back to France, open a Nonprofit. I already have fulfilled my dreams of seeing Les Mis in London and yes I did live my dream of seeing a London guard and being at Gardner Webb


      • Well, about my favorite musical, there are two currently tied for best musical. Les Mis is neck in neck tied with Wicked. It is nearly impossible to pick due to just how drastically different they are


      • I agree! My favourites are probably Les Mis and Cats, depending on whether I’m in a singing mood or a dancing mood!


      • Its just Wicked carries my vision of what I want in a musical: spectacle, dance, strong emotional connection, positive and negative emotions in the songs, moments of comedy.

        In the case of Les Mis, while its not a big spectacle or dance show, it still has the other elements that I want in a musical. It just has this unique and extremely powerful emotional impact. The emotional nature of Les Mis is what makes up for the loss of spectacle and dance.


      • I hope you get to catch it. I experienced it four times, the first being on Broadway with my mom, the 2nd in Charlotte with my mom and my sister, the 3rd in Charlotte with dad, and the 4th my school took a group of 50 to see it and I went with them.

        Crazily enough, I also saw Les Mis four times, but each time was not always with a professional company. The first 3 times were with my community college and their production was phenomenal with a phenomenal cast. But the cast I saw in the West End two years ago was 10x better then the community college cast and that is really saying something and I had an understudy as Valjean


      • I saw it on July 30th of 2015 with Adam Bayjou as Valjean. The moment the lights went off and through just one music note, I knew that this dream was becoming reality. I am always so nervous when I heard I have an understudy especially for the main character, but he was brilliant. The entire cast was from ensemble to leads

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