Self-care from your bed

Now while I try to get out of bed every day, I don’t always manage, and the days I don’t tend to be the days I’m feeling lowest, either physically or mentally, and therefore the days I most need my self-care.

I love a good sing, and it does wonders for my mood. At the moment I’m absolutely loving Ed Sheeran’s album, can’t listen to this without singing along and smiling!

If I know I’m going to be spending my whole day in bed, putting on pretty clothes and doing my hair and make up always feels a bit pointless, but nail varnish always seems to make things better, and you can do it lying down! I love green and blue ones, and anything sparkly, one of my goals is to learn to get better at nail art.

Spending all day in bed, however achy I am to start with, always leaves me even more achy, so a good stretch always makes me feel better. YouTube tends to be my go-to for ideas, but I don’t really have a favourite, I get bored if I stick to the same one for too long!

This pretty much goes without saying when we’re talking about self-care, but I love colouring. My joints don’t usually agree, but mini ones are perfect.

Mindfulness colouring added to my favourite photo album
          If I’m feeling achy, or stressed, or tense, or, alright, I don’t need an excuse, I love giving myself a massage. Feet, shoulders, hands, wherever aches! I am OBSESSED with Lush’s

Love and Light

         hand cream, it smells amazing and I love neroli, it really settles me when I’m anxious which is an added bonus.

What are your favourite self-care ideas for when you’re stuck in bed?


Disclaimer: Products mentioned were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.


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