Distraction Box Review

I’ve been after a subscription box for a while, but I didn’t quite know what I wanted, other than “cute stuff”, something unexpected that would cheer me up when it arrived. This morning I received the lovely Distraction Box (check them out on Twitter), and I can safely say it ticks the box of cute stuff to cheer me up!

Each month’s box has a theme, March’s theme is “From Hibernation to Happiness”, and I know this week it has felt like Spring is just around the corner so the timing is perfect. In the box you receive 5-8 goodies to enjoy, along with a little booklet explaining them all.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how amazing it smells, which I think is down to these lovely orange and jasmine scented tea lights. Unfortunately I’m not allowed candles in my flat, so I can’t test them out right now (sad face), but these are way too nice to be giving away so I will be hiding them until I move out and can use them!

Next up is this gorgeous colouring pad and pencils. They’re a perfect size to slip into your bag or coat pocket if you’re travelling, and because they’re only tiny they won’t take too long, which is great for my terrible attention span!

Now when I saw there was a mug in the box I was a bit worried, I own loads of mugs and don’t actually drink hot drinks, but this mug is stunning. Absolutely beautiful. It’s probably more likely to be used as a storage pot on my desk than a mug, just so I can enjoy looking at it all day. Again, it’s stunning. I have no other words.



Next we have some green tea and peach tea bags. Now I’m not a tea drinker myself, so these will be going to the best friend as a gift I think, but from my uneducated tea mind they certainly look nice!

photo_2017-03-16_11-51-17I think someone was reading my mind with the next item. I’ve been wanting to write some Post Pals letters (read more here) and I’ve been after some cute cards to send to people, so these 2 are just perfect!


And last but not least is the item I’m most looking forward to using, a microwave brownie mix (which is gluten free!). I’ve been craving chocolate cake all morning, so this will definitely be getting eaten later, I will update!


Overall, this box is nothing short of amazing. I can’t pick a favourite item, everything is so cute and well made, and other than the tea (and that’s just me being a terrible Yorkshire person!) everything is something I would have chosen for myself!

Disclaimer: This box was bought by me at a discount in return for a review, and I receive a reward for any orders placed with my discount code, however all opinions are my own. 


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