Trip to Parliament

So as I mentioned here, a few weeks ago I was selected to attend the Posters in Parliament event organised by the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, and earlier this week, I travelled to London for the day!


Surreal is still the only word I can think to describe the day. I’ve been to Parliament loads of times, I mean, in the way most people have, I’ve stood outside and taken pictures. I’d never even considered how you go about getting inside, or what it would be like inside.

When we finally made it in and through security we had lunch in a lovely cafe (with Sadiq Kahn sitting a few tables over, he was my one exciting spot of the day!) before the event. The building is honestly beautiful inside, I wish we’d had the time and energy to see more of it, and to take better pictures.

The event itself was really fun. With my (as Sarah says, ginormous) poster I got to present

Fighting with an A0 poster on the tube.

my research to MPs, academics, fellow students, and anyone else who was willing to listen, as well as hearing about lots of other interesting research, from Sensory Processing Disorder to Women in 18th Century Medicine. It took me a while to get into the swing of answering questions about my research, especially when people were challenging me about things I’d done or found, but I also got loads of positive comments and advice which was amazing.

Overall, although I’m absolutely exhausted now, I can guarantee this will be one of the best experiences I have this year, not many people can say they’ve presented research in parliament!




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