Racing thoughts of anxiety

Although as I mentioned here the physical symptoms of my anxiety have lessened, or at least changed, recently, the feeling most definitely has not.

It feels like my thoughts are constantly racing. My mind has to be constantly occupied or I spiral into panic. As long as I’m busy I’m okay. I do crafts. I work. I do mindfulness. I play games. I read. I’m constantly on the go. I guess I’ve learnt how to manage my anxiety, because it works, as long as I do that I’m okay. Even writing this blog is the result of a racing mind, lying in bed trying to sleep, but not being able to let my brain stop for one second. And now madly typing, whilst multi-tasking playing a game, not letting my brain stop for a second.

It’s exhausting.

This is just while I’m at home. Once I’m out the things I can do to occupy myself are limited, and my anxiety shoots up. A short trip is okay, going for a coffee or something. It’s exhausting, but it’s only a few hours. I can occupy myself for that long, it doesn’t take too much out of me. A whole day out is horrible. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. My mind is constantly fighting against itself. Desperately clinging onto the things that make me feel safe. Desperate to run back home. My mind constantly racing, not stopping on any thought for too long in case it drags me down.

It’s exhausting.

Can anyone relate? How do you deal with anxious thoughts?


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