February Favourites

This wouldn’t be a blog without a monthly favourites post, so let’s get going!


The first thing I’ve been loving this month is rediscovering my crafty side. I go through phases of loving crafty stuff, and I’m hoping this one will last. I’ve treated myself to a big box of wool, pulled out a half finished cross stitch and salvaged some old dresses to turn into…something, cushions perhaps! I’ve found crafting is great for getting some me-time and settling my anxiety, and of course it can usually be done lying down! Next step, buy myself a decent (but hopefully cheap, I’m a student after all!) sewing machine!


You App

This is something I only discovered a few days ago, after I saw the book advertised, and so far I’m loving it! It reminds me a little of Blurt’s #365daysofselfcare campaign, but with prompts. Each day, the app reminds you to do something self-care related, split into four categories (Love, Mind, Food and Move), so far I have been encouraged to go on a walk, eat something healthy and share something to express myself.photo_2017-02-27_18-53-23

photo_2017-02-27_18-53-29One of my favourite features, which I’m still discovering, is the “Playlists” section. This allows you to personalise your prompts to an area you want to focus on. Currently, I am focusing on sleep. Yesterday I was encouraged to create an early bedtime routine, and today I should switch electronic devices off earlier. It’s a great reminder to really focus on the goals you want to achieve.

You can also browse other people’s photos for the same goal, if you want motivation or inspiration, follow others, and probably many other features I am yet to discover, but so far, so good!


Present swap



I love receiving gifts, so when I saw a Valentine’s gift swap (run by Spoonie Survival Kits and Project Parent) I signed up straight away. For the fee of £2, which was split between the two charities, I got to both send and receive a gift. For my gift, I sent a box of candles, ornaments and beauty bits and bobs,  and I received a lovely box of Lush products which I’m excited to test out soon. Such a lovely surprise, and raising money for two amazing causes.


York Cocoa House

Last week me and the best friend enjoyed a lovely celebratory lunch at York Cocoa House. This has to be one of my favourite places in York, but I’ve only ever tried their Afternoon Chocolate (which I would highly recommend!) so I was excited to see what the lunch menu had to offer.


My friend had the amazing looking Welsh Rarebit, whilst I had a Goat’s cheese and white chocolate scone (topped with the salad from the rarebit which she didn’t want!). We also both had a “cold chocolate”, kinda like a chocolate milkshake but not, I had a peanut butter one, whilst she had caramel.

Everything was amazing, and I could have quite easily had dessert if we hadn’t been pushed for time. I love how literally everything they serve somehow incorporates chocolate, even the most savoury of dishes, and somehow it always works.

Price-wise, it’s on the more expensive end of my student budget, but for a celebratory meal, and for the quality and quantity of food, as well as the lovely service, it’s more than worth it.


Deliciously Ella’s Overnight Porridge


This is my new favourite breakfast and I can’t get enough of it. Oats, milk, honey, and I like to stick in a bit of mixed spice too. 2 minutes to whip up in an evening while I’m waiting for dinner to cook, 2 seconds to grab from the fridge and sprinkle some fruit (blueberries are the current fave, but raisins, bananas and raspberries are all pretty fab too) on top. I’m a massive porridge fan, but find making proper porridge in a pan a lot of effort (all that standing and stirring), so tend to buy microwave pots which are not cheap, and most definitely not healthy. And an extra plus point from a PoTS view, low in refined carbs. Winning all round!

Let me know what you’ve been loving this month!

Disclaimer: all of these products were purchased with my own money, I am not working in collaboration with any company.



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