Looking for work..

As a final year uni student, the terrifying prospect of job hunting is approaching fast. That was confusing enough as it was, until suddenly I had this diagnosis dropped on me. And now I feel just a tad lost!

I’ve already spoken here about how my illness affects my energy levels, but honestly, I never realised how much it affected me. As a student, I go to 3 hours of lectures a week. The rest of my “working” time is spent at my desk, or more often in bed, and so I’ve never really considered how much a full time job will affect my symptoms. But now I’ve started thinking, even my part time job, a whole 1.5 hours a fortnight, leaves me exhausted, having to be happy and chatty with colleagues can be a massive struggle.

Now, if you’d asked me two months ago what I wanted to do when I graduate, I’d have told you I want to work as a Housemistress in a boarding school. I absolutely love working with kids, but not in an academic way, and this just seems perfect. There’s just one problem. 55 hour working weeks. I don’t think so somehow.

So only 13 weeks (eek!) away from graduation, I’m now back to square one. I want to work with kids. Kids require a whole lot of energy, that I may or may not have. But that’s what I want to do, I always have, and now I’m a bit lost.

Everyone keeps telling me not to lose positivity, that I’m being overdramatic, that I’m protected by the equality laws. I know that, I know someone technically has to employ me, regardless of my disability, but I don’t want to put that pressure on an employer. I can see myself taking a full time job, getting 3 weeks in, having a horrible flare up and having to quit. That is not fair on me or them.

So this leaves me looking for a part-time job, that I can do sitting down, preferably without moving away from my doctor, so all I really have to say, is fingers crossed!

Has anyone had experience of looking for work with a newly diagnosed illness?



  1. This is exactly what happened to me! I got sick with POTS right after graduating college and was getting ready to move to New York. It’s a tough thing to deal with, but after being sick for a few years now I am actually feeling really content with my life, even though it isn’t what I wanted to have happen.


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