News!! Posters in Parliament

I have some crazy exciting news! A few weeks ago I entered a competition to present my dissertation research in parliament, and I’m very excited to say I won! So, in 3 weeks time, I am off on a trip to the Houses of Parliament, with a hopefully pretty poster of my research, to talk to some important people. How mad is that?!

It’s part of an event called Posters in Parliament, which allows students to present their research and gain experience and contacts. When I started this project, all the way back in June, I imagined I’d send out a questionnaire, write 9000 words, pass my degree and vanish off into the sunset, but now it seems to be taking on a life of its own, which is both amazing and terrifying! My research is looking at the disadvantages of teaching in light of the current teacher shortages in the UK, so I’m really hoping that people will be interested in it.

The next few weeks are going to be a manic rush of booking train tickets, inviting MPs (how do you even do that?!) and preparing my work, so wish me luck!

If anyone would be interested in reading about my trip, or in finding out more about my research, let me know!



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