Travel Time: Berlin!

Back in December I spent the most amazing few days in Berlin celebrating my 21st, and I wanted to write about it, both as a trip and to mention some tips for travelling as a spoonie.

Berlin as a city was lovely, pretty much everything we discovered was within walking distance, although we also had the Berlin Welcome Card which gave us unlimited public transport use, which was great and easy to navigate. We stayed at the Plus Hostel, which although calls itself a hostel, doesn’t seem like one at all. We had a lovely private ensuite room which was perfectly clean and functional, the swimming pool was awesome and the 2 nights we ate in the restaurant were amazing and really good value for money, as was the overall stay.

Christmas Markets

As it was the first week in December, the Christmas markets were in full swing. My personal favourite was the one I’ve pictured here, which was next to the TV Tower, but they are literally on every street corner! The food was amazing, we got some lovely little presents, and I even managed to go ice skating twice (at 4 euros a time you can’t say no!).

Seeing the Sights

Most of the things we found were completely by accident, each morning we set out with no plan, got on the tram from our hotel and explored wherever we ended up. Particular favourites were the Berlin Wall, which happened to be right outside our hotel and the Memorial to the Jews of Europe, which you can only really feel the power of if you visit yourself.


Being students, we didn’t pay for a lot of museums, but we made it to a few that I’d recommend. The DDR Museum, was nice, although a bit limited. The Spy Museum was amazing, really interactive and insightful, and so quiet so we didn’t feel rushed with any of the exhibits. My favourite has to be the miniworld. We went on our last evening of the trip, and it was amazing seeing all the places we’d visited over the week, the detail is incredible, and again it was really quiet allowing us to take our time.


Spoonie Travel Tips

  • Take lots of breaks-plan your day with lots of coffee stops, museums where you can sit down to read things, and trips such as bus tours
  • Don’t feel like you need to spend all your time on the go, it’s better to spend half a day enjoying yourself than a full day in pain
  • The swimming pool in our hotel was a life saver for me, I find swimming so helpful for relaxing when I’m in pain, so check out if your hotel has a pool, or whatever else might help you to relax
  • Beware temperature changes-going from Berlin in December to a lovely warm museum really messed with my body
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you need it
  • Keep your fluids and energy up

Have you ever been to Berlin?

Disclaimer: this trip was planned and paid for by me and none of the places mentioned were involved in this blog, all opinions are truthfully mine.


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