Top Tips-Bedroom Setup

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m pretty new to the whole PoTS thing, although I’ve had symptoms for about 7 years, it only gained a possible name a month ago, so I’m only just learning to adapt. Right now, any big lifestyle changes seem way too scary, so I’m starting small and working on my bedroom.

Have a drawer/box of essentials right next to your bed, so you can get to things withoutdrawer moving. Mine includes some small snacks, medication, hand cream and lip balm, wet wipes and tissues, a notebook and pen, a hairbrush and some perfume.

binSimilarly, I’ve invested in a mini-desk bin (which is yet to arrive but looks really cute!). The snacks are all well and good, but then I’m left with an apple core and no energy to get to my bin, meaning I gain an every growing heap of rubbish on the floor next to my bed. It looks awful, and takes much more effort to fix than I’m hoping the desk bin will to empty.

On the same lines, do your best to keep your room tidy. I’m the first to admit, if I’m having a bad day tidiness goes completely out the window. I’m trying to get into the habit of not making a mess, little things like hanging my coat up when I come in rather than leaving it on the floor means I don’t need to deal with it later, and it makes my room a much nicer environment.

My second investment is a small mirror to hang above my desk. I’m currently in uni halls, and both my mirrors were so inconvenient, way too high up on the wall so I had to stand up to use them. Having a mirror on my desk means I can sit down and take my time getting ready without exhausting myself (although it does get a bit distracting when I’m trying to work!).

My final tip is to try and make your room a nice place to be. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time somewhere it may as well look nice! From my bed I can see mymodel Hogwarts, postcards from my favourite places and my lovely Positive Post from Iswell!


What do you do to make your room more spoonie-friendly?


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