Reverse Bucket List

So I was reading someone's blog a few weeks back (although I can't remember for the life of me whose, speak up if you know!) and they mentioned the idea of a reverse bucket list. The point is, that while a bucket list is great and gives you all these amazing things to aspire to, it... Continue Reading →

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PoTS? What’s that?

There are tons of fab medical pages out there which explain PoTS in a whole lot more detail than I can (such as this one), but I want to explain it from my point of view. Personally, I found all the medical explanations a bit daunting when I was first looking, so I’m going to […]

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On feeling weak and useless..

I’ve suffered with what I now know are PoTS symptoms for as long as I can remember, the first time I fainted was when I was 14, over 7 years ago. My head always hurts, and I’m always shattered. Not just tired at the end of the day, but completely exhausted all the time. I... Continue Reading →

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Travel times: Disneyland Paris

Last week I was lucky enough to spend an amazing 3 days at Disneyland Paris. We stayed in Disney's Sequoia Lodge, which was a 10 minute walk from the parks. The hotel was really sweet, it had Bambi themed decorations, and a lovely outdoor pool. I'm not a big rollercoaster person (fainting+spinning around=not good) but... Continue Reading →

May Favourites

First off this month, I FINISHED MY DEGREE. Finished. Completely. That is my favourite thing from May. I do also have some things I've been loving that other people can experience though, don't worry! I've really got into podcasts this month while I've been making the most of my new found free time, specifically Spoonie... Continue Reading →

Hospital Testing Part 1

Last week I had the first set of testing suggested by my consultant, and I wanted to document it, mainly because I had no idea what to expect for either of the tests, and I want to reassure anyone who may be reading. I am absolutely not a medical expert, these are just my experiences.  ... Continue Reading →

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